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Vampire Academy saves lives, literally

It’s pretty funny to me how one of the very few reasons I could come up with to continue living is “I have to find out what happens to Sydrian in the Silver Shadows.” It’s kinda pathetic but it’s true. And now all I want to do is shut out the world and read Bloodlines. Thank you, Richelle Mead.

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How did I not know there was an alternate beginning to Bloodlines until now?!?!

I’m ashamed.

 I always hesitate on reading released chapters (like the one for the Fiery Heart) because it will only make me more impatient and desperate for more. This is perfect though, it’s new Bloodlines material without any spoilers or anything. AND it’s in my baby Adrian’s point of view *___*

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Ok so I finally finished the Georgina Kincaid series

I have this thing where I can’t search the tag or write much about a series until I’ve finished or am all caught up cause I’m super paranoid about spoilers hahaha. It’s been a problem in the past but anyways just some random opinions.

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“What happened to you at some point in your life that made you so terrified of getting close to another person? What makes you run like this? Who hurt you?”

Richelle Mead, Succubus Blues (via secondhandlust)

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I think I want to name my child Rose

Okay, not only because Rose is definitely one of my most favorite characters ever. but also because that’s my deceased sister’s name. But with that aside Rose from VA is strong, witty, clever, determined, smart, amazing, loyal, selfless and again STRONG when she has to face all the struggles in her life. Oh and also its the prettiest name of all my favorite characters (maybe besides Tris, that can be my second girl’s name) and cause I like flowers. HAHAH. okay bye.

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Is the Succubus Blues series worth reading? Any opinions?

I loveeee Vampire Academy and all, but I heard this series isn’t as good. Although I don’t expect it to be a favorite or comparable to VA, is it still interesting and worth reading? What about the Dark Swan series? 

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OH and I just recently found out about the Vampire Academy movie afljalkfj

I think I’m slow but YAYAYAY I’m SOO glad theres a movie for it. However… First, I think it miiight have functioned better as a show (although it might not have been to popular with people thinking its just another vampire show and get cancelled which would cause much heartache. Secondly, the movie looks like it might be low budget so I’m praying that the actors do a decent job at portraying the movie and they don’t butcher the storyline. Thirdly, UGH THE ACTORS. Okay, I’m sorry but they do not fit my image AT ALL…. The actor was Dimitri… I’m sorry but no… no.. I wasn’t a huge supporter of Ben Barnes, but at least he looked pretty badass and fit Dimitri’s description and was somewhat attractive. The girl playing Rose is not toooo bad.. She’s okay with the dye job, but she doesn’t have a lot of good acting experience so I hope she portrays Rose well, because c’mon that dhampir is one complicated, badass goddess. The worst might be Lissa, the actress looks too old to be in highschool or even college!! And she does not possess “ethereal beauty” that is used to describe Lissa.. FINALLYYY, what’s with the name change? Blood Sisters? I know they are going to try to follow the storyline for this first movie but I’m really scared to see what else they’re going to change, and hopefully the movie does well so we get to enjoy more movies :(

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so here i am discussing my sydrian feelings with another fan, and i decided to post it because i need to let out this feelings hehe.

sorry for my rambling… (:

the one thing i really love about sydrian is that everyone thinks of adrian as someone who is really messed up, while sydney kind of has a deeper understanding of adrian. she can see how much spirit affects him, and she doesnt give up on him like everyone else sort of does. on the other hand, adrian can also see sydney’s problems that she keeps bottled up, for example her eating problem, and he truly worries about her. he seems to notice the little things about her like the pomegranate gelato, and its just really cute how he takes her words seriously. the thing i also like about adrian is his playboy personality. ive always been a sucker for guys who are major flirts, who end up falling for one single girl (or in adrian’s case, two hahah). i mean the playboy falls for the shy, unexperienced girl, who can NOT love that? hahaha. and not only that, but i also like how sydney makes adrian want to change to be a better person, not just to impress her. and together they make one of my favorite ships <33333

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im on a sydrian reblogging roll.

dont even try to stop me. its the only way to deal with all these FEELS. AHHH TOO MANY FEELS.

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SO MANY SYDRIAN FEELS. (slight spoilers)

sooo, i was reading the end of The Golden Lily last night at like 4:30AM. why did i think that was a idea?!?! because i could NOT fall asleep after my fangirling session. the ending with sydrian AHHHHH, it was beautiful. i did not see that coming so soon, and i seriously had to clasp my hand over my mouth to keep from squealing, although my mattress suffered from a few slaps and kicks hahahah. and even though they fought a little bit after, that moment was perfect. i dont know how havent learned my lesson yet, but every VA/Bloodline ending is a cliffhanger that leaves me wanting more. Richelle Mead must be a sadist, because her cliffhangers are torturing me. how am i going to handle about a year of sydrian feels?! I NEED THE NEXT BOOK NOW. The Indigo Spell February 12th, 2013. akfljadlkjfalkf.

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i just downloaded The Golden Lily online from a sketchy website. no regrets~

its been too long. 

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awkward moment when you are reading bloodlines and you see that richelle mead made a mistake in her writing.

in the beginning she calls jill a dhampir lol. jailbait is not a dhampir! she is a weak moroi who wants to learn magic. sigh. TGL… june 12th is too far away.

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VA 30 Day Challenge!

Day 5 - Favorite book: Shadow Kiss

Ok, so this was a hard decision, because I just love the whole series in general. So I chose Shadow Kiss, because of many reasons. This was the book where Rose and Dimitri finally gave into their feelings LOL and then Adrian also flirted a lot in this book which was cute hahah. Then scene where the strigois came to the school had soo much action and was really fun to read. Mmm what else.. oh the mystery of the Mason’s ghost was a little bit creepy and thennn… finally the end of the book, with Dimitri. no spoilers though just in case haha(: but yeah, total cliffhanger!

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