Books are my escape

Days where I feel blue, all I want to do is avoid people and read for hours and hours.

April 29 / 1 note

I wonder if there ever will be a day where a book turned movie will actually have at least one person from my dream cast sigh

April 25 / 8 notes

I’ve realized something lately

I think that most of the people who love books, tv shows, or movies so much are at least a little bit sad on the inside. I realized that the way I’ve been dealing with my pain, life, and depression is to blindly divulge myself into books, tv shows, and movies. I keep trying to escape my own reality by immersing myself into someone else’s life and thoughts. I constantly distract myself with these fantasies so that the monsters in my head don’t have time to feed me bad thoughts. I live someone else’s life because it’s easier than living my own…

April 4 / 9 notes

I know a lot of people don’t, but I love it when books are made into movies

I honestly love seeing the book be portrayed visually in front of me, especially if its a fantasy genre, and you get to see all of the technology and setting in reality. Of course, there’s a very high chance that the movie is going to be worse than the book, and most of the time it is. With the wrong choices of casting, cut scenes, stupid plot changes, bad acting, and all of the other things that could go wrong in mind, I still like taking the risk of watching the movie—even if the book will be ruined for me afterwards. Like, coughcough TWILIGHT. Either way, I absolutely love the excitement and anticipation of waiting for a movie and c’mon, seeing your OTP’s in action? That’s always the best.

March 30 / 3 notes

Movies I’m so anxious to watch

- The Host
- The City of Bones
- Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters
- Catching Fire
- Divergent
- The Maze Runner

March 30 / 22 notes

“If you don’t like to read you haven’t found the right book.”

J. K. Rowling (via forests-of-legend)

WOOHOO 7 new books for only $3.50 ^_____^ I hope they’re good..I took a chance on buying some

January 22 / 2 notes

omg my dad surprised me with a bookshelf for my room ^______^ best part of my day~

im so lame hehe. but omg FINALLY, a bookshelf <333 woop woop, time to go clutter it with books :DDD im so excited hahahah.
September 10 / 8 notes



my friend is an angel (‘: she trusted me enough to lend me the book after she finished it today. i love her. shes is a godsend.. adsfgthjk. IVE WAITED TOO LONG FOR THIS. I NEED SOME FOURTRIS <3 good night guys, time to read and never come out of my room until its over. jk… i have to waste a whole day tutoring some brats tmrw and other errands instead of laying down in bed, reading all day… sigh.

May 5 / 2 notes

The Mortal Instruments, here I come!

all done rereading vampire academy and hunger games, so guess what?
time to start City of Bones! :D

March 30 / 12 notes