Books are my escape

Can I just say wtf?

Soo I like to keep up with news on book-turned-movies and I was reading an article about Vampire Academy Blood Sisters on the inquisitr or whatever. It was a random link that popped up on google and anyways, I read this paragraph:

For those who don’t spend a lot of time reading young adult fiction, the Vampire Academy books tell the story of young girl who attends a school with her blood-sucking best friend. The school’s purpose is to help vampires retain some of their humanity before instinct completely consumes them.”

WHAT THE HECK. That’s not what the academy is about at all! They don’t even talk about the depth of VA and what it’s really about. They make it sound like a fricken gory, typical, YA vampire book, that is only going to turn away people who are tired of the whole vampire scene. MOROIS ARE FRIENDLY OKAY. This is a no.

June 3 / 13 notes

I think I want to name my child Rose

Okay, not only because Rose is definitely one of my most favorite characters ever. but also because that’s my deceased sister’s name. But with that aside Rose from VA is strong, witty, clever, determined, smart, amazing, loyal, selfless and again STRONG when she has to face all the struggles in her life. Oh and also its the prettiest name of all my favorite characters (maybe besides Tris, that can be my second girl’s name) and cause I like flowers. HAHAH. okay bye.

April 6 / 4 notes

I know a lot of people don’t, but I love it when books are made into movies

I honestly love seeing the book be portrayed visually in front of me, especially if its a fantasy genre, and you get to see all of the technology and setting in reality. Of course, there’s a very high chance that the movie is going to be worse than the book, and most of the time it is. With the wrong choices of casting, cut scenes, stupid plot changes, bad acting, and all of the other things that could go wrong in mind, I still like taking the risk of watching the movie—even if the book will be ruined for me afterwards. Like, coughcough TWILIGHT. Either way, I absolutely love the excitement and anticipation of waiting for a movie and c’mon, seeing your OTP’s in action? That’s always the best.

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